Martlemass Beef; Moreish & Mesmerising

Martlemass Beef; Moreish & Mesmerising


This dry-cured Heritage-Breed Beef Silverside is named for St. Martin's Day, where medieval British farmers would celebrate the gathering-in of the harvest and the preparation of goods for winter.

Traditionally, feast dishes on this day were heavily spiced with cinnamon and mace, and a whole cow would be butchered and salted for use throughout the colder months of the year.

We follow that recipe fairly closely, but since St. Martin also happens to be the patron saint of Vintners and Innkeepers, we tip a few bottles of a seasonal fruit Sour from Kernel Brewery into the mix as well. So, now, you cannot pronounce Martlemass without the mmmmmm.


Sliced Packs (120g) have a best before of 7 days and sealed will happily last 4 weeks.

Whole Muscles are sold by the half, unsliced, (as pictured)and weigh approximately 400g. These have a best before of 3 months, and will happily last up to 6 when left sealed.

Depending on the time of year, the added Saison is either Damson or Sour Cherry.

High Welfare Heritage Breed Beef Silverside, soaked in Beer, Cornish Sea Salt, Demerara Sugar, Ginger (dried), Nutmeg, Mace, Black Peppercorns, Curing Salt. 

Does not contain PORK of any kind - however, it is processed in a facility that deals with both. Contains Gluten, from the beer.

Customer Reviews

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Incredible flavour

This Martlemass Beef is absolutely incredible, such amazing flavours ,soft and extremely morish ! Beware !

Laure Chardon
Most delectable addiction :)

Ordered the Martlemass cured beef as a treat. OMG. It’s not just a treat it’s a whole experience that makes you feel like the most special customer in the world. From the carefully chosen and hand tied packaging to the beef itself, everything was perfect.
No risk of style over substance either- it tastes incredible, it slices beautifully and a little goes a long way so you can treat yourself again and again.
Perfect to share with friends over a glass of wine for aperitif.

Beware, you’ll get addicted all the same!

Paul Paterson
Moreish Greatness!

I order a pack or two of this per month as a treat, vey convenient as it's already sliced. I have it on it's own, in sandwiches and suprisingly pan fried so it's a crispy bacon alternative. I highly recommend this meat!

Lesley Shepherd
Very nice - excellent flavour

Excellent, we had it sliced. (via Dan’s Deli). Delicious and great to know the provenance and care into its production.

Jeff Aston

Nice, well cured. i personally didn't enjoy it as much as the Hoghton Loin.