A Triple Helping of Lincoln Imp; Deep, Dark, Delicious.


One of our most popular recipes; and you get three in this box! 

Based on traditional Lincolnshire recipes, Lincoln Imp is a dark and savoury sausage similar to saucisson. But this moreish British treat is garlic-heavy with hints of dried fruit and sage and finished with The Kernel Brewery's Export Stout. You've heard of Beer Sticks? Just wait till you try this with a pint. 

Named for a stone statue found on the southeastern wall inside Lincoln Cathedral, ostensibly a wicked Imp turned to stone by an Angel, we think our version is just as diabolically good.

Approximate Meat Weight: 3 x 85g (255g)

(We may occasionally send you 4 smaller pieces, but we'll always keep the weight the same. Best before on Lincoln Imp is 3 months sealed, but we recommend consumption within a week or two once you've removed it from the packaging). 

Photo by RJA Photography

Customer Reviews

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Best ever

Really amazing. Mine and my boyfriends favourite! Will be getting some!


The most disgusting food I've put in my mouth. Dont know if its a one off but this tastes like i imagine decomposing road kill to taste like. Food expert no but a 63 year old retired chef with Two Rosette and Michelin experience 🤢🤮

Hello Raymond -
First off - We're obviously very disappointed to hear you didn't enjoy the Lincoln Imp, especially as you enjoyed the Devil's Mortar so thoroughly (a 5* review!).

As you must know from your Chef experience, there are certain flavours that can strike a palate wrong, even while they might excite another. Cilantro is a great example, also Durian Melon, some of the great and glorious stinky-cheeses like Époisses, and finally, Lincoln Imp as well. We deliberately develop a very dark flavour with this recipe, and it absolutely isn't to everyone's taste.

We have never in our entire history hidden a review, and we won't start now... but with your hospitality experience, we might have hoped you'd have given us the chance to make it right 'before you left the table' and left a public review... especially as we make other items that you *do* appreciate.

Chris Oakley
Awesomely Delicious !!

Always a great accompaniment to any party of dinner with friends. Never had a bad comment from any of our dinner guests and I know many have gone on to order their own. The Lincoln Imp is a consistent favourite and I always keep a bit back just for me!!

Miss Kristina Trick
It's not Daddy's

My 7 year old daughter thought this was too good to give to Daddy on Father's Day!
"Can I have it with everything...forever!?"
Have to say it's beautiful in macaroni cheese!

Lewis Jones
Nice depth of flavour without being too heavy

A nice depth of flavour here - a few slices good with English blue cheese and ale. Fast delivery too.