Hoghton Loin; Classic, Choice, Charming

Hoghton Loin; Classic, Choice, Charming


A lovely marbled offering, we cure our loin with the Lancashire grown flavours of Rosemary, Fennel and Horseradish. It's a super clean, simple flavour, but arguably one of the most complex we offer, with a melt-in-your-mouth creaminess that pairs well with any tipple. If you like Lomo, Proscuitto or Jamón Ibérico, this is the recipe for you!


Named for a Grade I listed Lancs Tower where the mythic knighting of Sir Loin may or may not have taken place. 


Available in a sliced pack with a use-by 4 weeks, which is best consumed within 7 days of opening. Or get it in a chunk (as pictured), unsliced,  and with a best before of 3 months. 

High Welfare Heritage-Breed Pork Loin, Cornish Sea Salt, Horseradish (Dried), Fennel Seed, Rosemary, Black Peppercorns, Curing Salt (Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Nitrate).  Aged in a Beef Casing

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UK Brewery Tours
Fantastic Quality Meats that we use on our tours

We've been using Crown & Queue for over a year now as a supplier for our Cheese, Meat and Beer Tour in Bermondsey. The quality of the meats is excellent, the service superb and the meats go down really well on our tasting events. Thanks

UK Brewery Tours

Laura English
Cold meat platters

Delicious meats, full of flavour enjoyed by all

Adrian Stygall
Very much appreciated gift

These meats make a wonderful gift; our selection went down so very well. Thanks for the phone support (lovely to be able to sort an issue on the phone with a human). Great site, great service, superb products. Best wishes for success through 2022.

Richard Luke

Excellent quality product.

Rick Leib
Finding the oink in a “tale”

I’ll get straight to the oink!
Me and my lad sat down to a few bottles of beer (Proper Job, Innes and Gunn and Guinness) and a few more labels,…Just to test…and a nicely carved plate of Hoghton loin, ( read-through slices) with a pint-glassful of pigtails.
We had some assorted cheese biscuits and sourdough bread, and we got started.
What a job!
We tried very hard to be sober and discerning, but it fell through the floor pretty soon after the starters gun, and just went downhill from there!
We chewed the fat for quite a few hours and caught up on all the things a father and son don’t really get time to chat about, and fell about laughing all too often while we were demolishing the lot.
Thin slices of loin go down all to easily with a beer - I’m old school; I like my beer warm, and he hacked his out of the ice.
We fought over the last pigstail, and as he chewed the last of it I’m sure I heard the squeal.

The next time we can get together, we’ll have to do this sort of bonding again: it really is good for the soul…and the laughter!