Hoghton Loin; Classic, Choice, Charming

Hoghton Loin; Classic, Choice, Charming


A lovely marbled offering, we cure our loin with the Lancashire grown flavours of Rosemary, Fennel and Horseradish. It's a super clean, simple flavour, but arguably one of the most complex we offer, with a melt-in-your-mouth creaminess that pairs well with any tipple. If you like Lomo, Proscuitto or Jamón Ibérico, this is the recipe for you!


Named for a Grade I listed Lancs Tower where the mythic knighting of Sir Loin may or may not have taken place. 


Available in a sliced pack with a use-by 4 weeks, which is best consumed within 7 days of opening. Or get it in a chunk (as pictured), unsliced,  and with a best before of 3 months. 

High Welfare Heritage-Breed Pork Loin, Aged in a Beef Casing

Customer Reviews

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I ordered a selection of these fabulous meats for Christmas . Absolutely delicious ! Thoroughly recommend . And the customer service was brilliant . What a fab company !

Blew head off

I eat a lot of charcuterie and this was amongst the very best! Absolute belter, will order more. Makes you realise how much chewy rubbish is out there! The taste goes a long way so you don’t need a lot to savour the yummy experience. Very good indeed!!

100% awesome

Loved it. Will be buying again at crimbo

Delicate but holds its own

When I was debating whether to try this, the guy at the C&Q shop used the adjective "delicate" to describe it (if I remember correctly). Having had the much punchier Devil's Mortar or the powerful/fatty Black Pepper Belly, I was very curious to see what a delicate C&Q cured meat was like. Wow. It was mellow and gentle in taste and texture, but then suddenly, I could taste the the distinctive rosemary. Strong, but not too strong that the herb overpowers the meat. I don't like eating this on top of bread or cheese, because it is worth savouring on its own. I take a bite of bread, and then a bit of the Houghton Loin. Maybe some cheese. Rinse, repeat. Heaven.

As good as any prosciutto or Parma ham

Do you like dry cured pork, like prosciutto or Parma ham? You’ll love this. It’s comparable, dare I say it, to jamon iberico.