Devil's Mortar; Spicy, Spreadable, Stunning.


Our famous squidgy, spicy, spreadable sausage inspired by a Scottish recipe from the 1800s. 'Nduja and Sobrassada's British cousin!  

High welfare, heritage breed pork and pork fat, along with heaps of locally-smoked chillis, dried tomatoes and anchovy oil. Perfect for smearing on bread or snazzying up your spag bol.

Ideal for Pizza & Burger Toppings; Just look at it on the Tooley Street Burger from Honest Burgers' London Bridge branch. 

Both Half & Whole, unopened, have a best before of 3 months, but a use-by of 6 months. We recommend, once open, consumption within 2-4 weeks. 

You can also choose to have us portion it for you, for an even more secure shelf life! £2 covers the extra packaging, but you then get to open only as much as you need at any given time. 

Photo by RJA Photography

Customer Reviews

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Nigel hannah
Gobsmacking….and lip smacking

This stuff is incredible! It’s like meat Crack. Delicious on a hearty slice of sourdough. Crackers and cheese and added it to prawn and scallop cheese bake (M&S). Oh my. And then it’s good enough just to nibble on by itself. Perfect heat and taste more than just paprika that you can get from nduja.

Amazing that give me huge confidence to tuck into the rest of my order.

Saad Arif
A great spreadable salami

Forget nduja. Devil’s mortar certainly holds it own as a more local and equally delicious spreadable salami

Umami weapon

We bought the 500g just before Xmas and chipped away at it for a month. It went into breakfast eggs, pasta ragus, duck rice and on breads. Should be part of every foodie’s umami weaponry.

Harriet Garner
Love it

Incredible as always! A must buy!!


The mistake I made was that I thought this was an N'Duja. it is not. It is C&Q's own individual product. But, that is not a negative, on the contrary. This is rather very nice. You can really taste the quality of the pork used, not only that the rest of the ingredients combine beautifuly to make an awesome salami.

However, I would like the heat level turned up further.