Black Pepper Belly; Lush, luxurious, lovely.

Black Pepper Belly; Lush, luxurious, lovely.


Rich and lush, our cured belly is rubbed with juniper and garlic, liberally coated in black pepper and then aged for 5-8 weeks, sometimes up to 16 weeks, depending on the season.

Delicious as-is, or on a piece of hot buttered toast. Lovely as an addition to any dish that might ask for pancetta or bacon.

Sliced Packs available of 120g - Once open, best eaten within 7 days, unopened best before 3-6 weeks.

Also available unsliced (as pictured) weighing approximately 300g. Left whole, these are best before 3 months!

100 % High-Welfare Heritage Breed Pork

Customer Reviews

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Michelle Anthony
Love this

It is on the pricey side but worth every penny. Love it with blue stilton and black grapes. A shot of port makes it a perfect evening graze.

I absolutely love it

Cut in thin slices, with rye bread and some whiskey = perfect evening. I'll keep ordering!

Would probably be 2.5.

This looks incredible in the photography, and smells amazing. But, despite the juniper punching through, the flavour itself is a bit mild and underwhelming. Especially for cured pork belly.

For me, it was an experience of smell more than taste.

Gareth Jones
Birthday gift

I ordered the half kilo hamper as a birthday present for my dad. The products were amazing. Truly wonderfully cured meat that went down a storm, many thanks.
Great communication from Crown and Queue and they did their best to ensure it arrived on the day, well packaged and in great condition.

Lee Brady
Weird aftertaste of soil/compost

I excitedly bought this alongside some Devil's Mortar, which I loved, but this was somewhat disappointing. The initial flavour was nice, but give it 2 or 3 seconds and it tasted like it had been buried and dug up before being sliced. It wasn't inedible, but I couldn't get past this aftertaste. I tried grilling it, adding spices, adding it to other dishes, which all helped somewhat, but never really eliminated this unusual flavour. I really wanted to like it, but unfortunately it wasn't for me.

Hi Lee -
Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know your thoughts. We appreciate all feedback - it all goes towards helping us improve - and hopefully towards making something you'll like better the next time! ❤️

It's definitely true that Black Pepper Belly can be earthy; The microflora we encourage while it is aging contributes to that, and this can vary in intensity from season to season. And just to make life especially difficult!, the way we experience those flavours *also* varies from individual to individual - as these organic compounds interact differently with the unique baseline bacteria in each one of our mouths. Poor Coriander has been plagued with this issue for years! (A different compound in that case, but you understand).

That said, we're always gutted to hear something wasn't to someone's taste, whatever the cause, and we'll reach out privately to try and get more information to avoid disappointing you again in future.