Large Gift Hamper

Over 1kg of Meaty Goodies Included!

Large Gift Hamper<br><br>Over 1kg of Meaty Goodies Included!

Our largest and loveliest gift box. Chockablock with Crown & Queue's delicious, and beautifully wrapped, dry-cured sausages, perfect for a gift that keeps on giving.

- Three Crown & Queue Sausages (Lincoln Imp, Answell or Snapdragon, as available)
- One whole Crown & Queue Mother's Ruin (400g)
- One slab of large-diameter Devil's Mortar (200g)
- Six adorable PigTails Snacking Sausages (150g)
- Two Mixed Sliced Packs of Hoghton Loin, Black Pepper Belly & Martlemass Beef (65g ea)

Recipe availability varies - where necessary, comparable substitutions will be made.

Please note, the Lincoln Imp and the PigTails contain Barley, as the result of being made with locally brewed beers. Please let us know if you have any allergies or sensitivities.

Approximate meat weight: 1,135g
Photo by RJA Photography