Hoghton Loin

Classic, Clean, Charming

£10.25 - £32.25
Hoghton Loin<br><br>Classic, Clean, Charming

A lovely marbled offering, we cure our loin with the Lancashire grown flavours of Rosemary, Fennel and Horseradish. Named for a Grade I listed Lancs Tower where the mythic knighting of Sir Loin may or may not have taken place

Board and accoutrements not included.

Sliced Packs available of 120g - Best before of 7 days, use by 6 weeks
Whole Muscles are sold by the half (as pictured), are not sliced and weigh approximately 400g - SHELF LIFE OF MIN 3 MONTHS, UP TO SIX MONTHS!

Aged in a Beef Casing