Our Signature Recipes (Text Only)

 For those who disagree about the worth of a painting vs 1000 words! Here is a brief overview of everything we do. Click the title of a recipe to head to that particular product page to purchase. 


Classic Cured Meats


One of our most popular! Garlic, Sage, Dried Fruit & a London-made dark Beer. Inspired by a Lincolnshire Recipe. Pork, contains gluten.

Bright & Brassy, turn-of-the-century recipe. Juniper, Fennel & a London-made White Wine. Pork in a Beef Casing, gluten-free. 

'Nduja's Scottish cousin. Spicy, squidgy and spreadable, with cayenne, anchovy oil and dried tomatoes. Pork in a Beef Casing, gluten-free, contains fish. 

The perfect pork snacking stick (though not actually made from tails). Cornish Sea Salt, Black Pepper & a different UK-brewed Beer in every batch. Simple but glorious. Pork in a Beef Casing, contains gluten. 



    Lancashire recipe for cured pork loin, with rosemary & horseradish. Not heavy-handed though, lovely and subtle. Pork in a Beef casing, gluten-free.

    Peppery, melt-in-your-mouth. Rubbed with juniper, garlic and then liberally with black pepper before being hung for up to 16 weeks. Pork, gluten-free

    A medieval recipe, beef silverside rubbed with ginger and mace and then soaked in a fruit Beer before being aged. Beef, contains gluten. 

    Name speaks for itself - Wiltshire cured and glazed with Burnt Orange, Treacle & Rum. Pork, gluten-free. 



    Includes Ham, Sliced Meats and snackables. Good for a gift or for stocking up (715g total)

    Includes 4 beautifully-wrapped individual-size cured Sausages and a small pack of Sliced Meats (575g total)

    Everything you need to stock up for a month! 1.5kg of Ham, Cured Sausages, Scotch Eggs and Sliced Meats (2.155kg total but not including the Scotch Eggs)

    Includes 5 beautifully-wrapped individual-size cured Sausages, 1 whole Mother's Ruin and a large pack of Sliced Meats (1.185kg total)

    Surprise yourself or a loved one with the perfect selection every month for three months (min 500g)


      Baked Goods

      Crispy, buttery, sausage-y, glorious. Sold in packs of 6

      Three varieties of the most mind-blowingly perfectly-yolked Scotch Eggs you've ever had. Sold in packs of 6

      Stuffed with Devil's Mortar, Lincolnshire-grown Maris Piper potatoes and pastry made with Gilchester Flour. The four-letter word is 'Epic'. Sold in packs of 4


        Show off and Strut! Recycled-Cotton, carbon-neutral, hand-silk-screened.