How to Pre-Order For Christmas 2021

Want to make sure you have exactly what you want at Christmas (with plenty of shelf-life)?

Then the key is to PRE-ORDER! And it's really easy. 

We recommend aiming for a date between the 7th and the 17th of December, that will ensure your delectables are good through New Year's Eve, and also neatly avoid the courier-mess that is Christmas week. 

If you'd like HAM, the order cut-off is the 11th of December (but we'll deliver past then, read our our FAQ about timings, shelf-life and cut-offs here)

How to Pre-Order! Select the items you want and begin the check-out process. On the "Shopping Cart" Page, you'll see a box to write notes. Let us know there what date you'd like your box delivered. Double check that this date is in your emailed order confirmation, and we'll take care of the rest! Bish Bash Bosh!