Christmas Timings, Shelf-Life
& Order Cut Offs


When should I order if I want the best shelf-life?

RIGHT NOW! Seriously. We frequently run out of stock the closer we get to Christmas. So we highly recommend placing your order now and requesting a specific delivery date closer to Christmas. This will guarantee you priority of stock, and of delivery date! Normally we offer 48-72 hour turnaround, but new orders will go behind pre-orders at this time of year, so new orders in December may take 4-5 days to arrive. If you must wait, see the next question for the best dates. 

What are the best dates to request delivery?

We recommend anytime between the 7th and the 17th of December for delivery. If you want something perishable (like Kick-In-The-HeadProper British Ham or one of our Larder Boxes), aim towards the end of that period. But anything cured, even our sliced meats!, will be happy past NYE, even should they arrive on the 7th.  

Can you guarantee delivery on that exact date?

Okay - so no. We don't guarantee delivery on your requested date. But we'll try dang hard. And usually, it will be a courier issue rather than ours that could cause a delay. But we're extremely particular about packing, so even perishable goods will still usually arrive, even after a small delay, in peak/delicious shape. 

What if I want something for New Year's?

Anything shipped the week of the 13th will be more than happy in your fridge, unopened until the 31st! Delivery the week between Christmas and New Year's this year will be rather difficult, due to the bank holidays, so it would be best to have anything you want arrive before Christmas. 

How do I keep my goodies once they've arrived for the best shelf-life?

If you're looking to take advantage of the up to 3 months of shelf-life, you need to keep the goodies unopened and in your fridge. In a pinch (or a gift-hiding situation), a very cold garage or larder will do as well. Although not for anything perishable like ham or the brawn.

If you notice that the vacuum-seal around the bag is loose (not tight to the meat), you need to let us know asap. But otherwise, there is no reason your meats won't be tasty tasty tasty until you're ready. Don't forget to let them get back to room temperature before you indulge!


The last date to order ham is the 11th of December!!! And the last delivery date for safety, is the 21st.

Although we would recommend the 16th, for perishability-buffer!

The 20th of December at Noon is the last time we can guarantee orders will arrive before the 25th.

Unfortunately we have had to cut off Christmas Ordering three days early due to unforeseen circumstances. We're awfully sorry. Orders received after 10am on Friday the 17th will not arrive in time for Christmas. 

Any orders received from the 24th of December 17th of December to the 4th of January will be delivered starting on the 5th of January. 

There are some limited spaces available for delivery on the 30th of December. Please get in touch to enquire about these