About Crown & Queue Meats

Slices of Cured Pork Belly (Pancetta) Looking DeliciousWdon't make your usual cured meats. 

Our dry-cured sausages are going to taste deliciously different from any you’ve ever had and yet... still a little familiar. 

That’s because we created our recipes to reflect the exquisite flavours that are grown, reared, brewed and conceived of right here in the British Isles. We have amazing pigs, fantastic herbs, great beer and delicious wine – so why go elsewhere for ingredients or inspiration?

We personally visit every single one of our heritage-breed farmers, looking to work only with the highest-welfare, most eco-conscious partners. Our ingredients are indigenous or sourced locally. Each recipe crafted to showcase the rich and delectable flavours this combination evokes. 

The truth is, if we're going to eat meat into the future, we need to do it in a sustainable and considered way, a way that puts animal welfare and flavour together on the highest possible pedestal.  We need to savour and adore every single piece, with low-waste being a goal from the farm all the way through to your table.

And that's what we are trying to do at

Crown & Queue...

Which means, not only do our sausages taste better,  you can feel better about eating them.