About Our Farming Partners

Where your meal begins, is just as important as where it ends...

 At Crown & Queue, we pride ourselves on the quality of our ingredients. Adrienne personally visits each farm and then works closely from there on out with all our suppliers to ensure that everything from the heritage pork we use to the locally grown herbs that season our meats are of the highest quality. Suppliers on all levels are evaluated routinely in terms of their commitment to sustainable practices, as well as environmental consciousness, and you know what? This usually means they taste, smell, and work the best to boot. So in celebration of the very best of British, here’s the line up of some of the people that we are lucky to work with:


    British Lop, so delicious (and living such a glorious life) that it would bring a tear to your eye! Sadly, Mary Holbrook, who ran Sleight Farm passed early in 2019, and since then Sleight Farm, in Somerset, is being held in trust for future generations. Mary was a famed cheesemaker, as well as farming advocate, a proper legend among London foodies and those of us privileged to have worked with her. Not only did she produce the most wonderful goats cheese, but her outdoor reared, free-range, dandelion-thistle-and-whey-munching Lops were one of the first (and still the best) pigs we've ever used at Crown & Queue. 

    Mother and son team, Joyce and Charles Ashbridge specialise in rare breeds meat from their farm Mount Grace in North York Moors National Park. Firm believers in outdoor rearing, their commitment to animal welfare and traditional farming methods results in properly flavoursome meat. Taste Tradition is also one of our partners in sustainability. Alongside running their own farm, they run a cutting facility - and we work with them to make sure everything they cut finds the right home. They also help smaller scale ethical farmers in North Yorkshire to market. We’re particularly invested in their work with Yorkshire Woodland Pork, who use heritage-breed animals to clear unwanted undergrowth across North Yorkshire. 

    The Casson family has been cultivating herbs since 1956 at Frith Farm in Hampshire. You’ll regularly find their lovage and sage in our cured sausages. Their farm is a wonderland of herbaceous splendour from the fields of Roman chamomile to the delightful purple hue of their garden sage.

    With records of the first cider brandy dating back to 1678, the Somerset Cider Brandy Company continues this most revered British tradition. The company has been distilling cider since 1987 using apples mainly from their own orchards, including 40 vintage varieties. 


    We love to work with anyone who shares our passion for making things in London OF London, and Renegade, established by Warwick Smith in East London in 2016 is our kind of partner. The grapes are hand harvested and vinified in London, and their focus is on new, minimum intervention wines without the constraints of European ‘appellation’ rules. Can you say pass me another?!  


    Grandmother to five, Daphne Tilley is no stranger to herding a rambunctious brood - her PGI native breed Welsh Lamb happily run amok in the shadow of the Snowdonia mountain range before they land in our eager hands.


    No butchery is an island... Is that how the saying goes? Probably not, but in our case, partnering with another high-welfare, heritage-breed-focused, whole-carcass butchery is a no-brainer even on the Mainland. Nathan and his team help us find homes for every cow that we get our hands on, leaving us free to just focus on silverside for the Martlemass Beef.  Established in 2011, they remain the only whole-carcass butchery in London, and are renowned throughout the city as the best beef you’ve ever had.

    There are now over 50 microbreweries in London but The Kernel was one of the first. Just a few arches along from ours in Spa Terminus, we can’t rave enough about their craft beers. Their range of ales, London porters and stouts, make the perfect pairing with Adrienne’s cured and preserved meats. Not only that, but being so close means that we can help them find second life for some of their waste... Damson Saison Dregs for example. All that glorious sludge at the bottom of the brewing tank? Perfect for soaking meat to delicious perfection. Nothing like two birds with one (damson) stone.