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Simple Larder Box; Over Three Quarters of a Kilo to fill your Larder with Joy


Perfect for stocking up on munchables for your larder. All the elements you need to make lunch (whether that's meat on bread or an elaborate feast!)

Works great as a gift as well...maybe for that loved one who particularly enjoys the munching?...


  • Two Chunks of Burnt Orange, Rum and Treacle Glazed Ham (2x 200g)

  • One pouch of Black Pepper Belly Lardons, perfect for several one-pot-dinners (150g)

  • Two Slabs of Devil's Mortar, our spicy spreading sausage (2 x 100g)

  • and one snackbag of Oinks, a variety of moreish nibbles, perfect for on-the-go-snacking (120g)

Serves 3-6 people (depending on how hungry they are)

Shelf Life;  Ham = 2 weeks minimum unopened, Oinks & Lardons = 5 weeks unopened, Devil's Mortar = 2 months minimum unopened. 

Please note, the Oinks may contain beef, pork and possibly lamb. These also contain barley, as a result of adding beer to many of our recipes. They may contain cold-smoked meats and the ratio of recipes in each bag will always differ. The Devil's Mortar contains fish from anchovy oil. 

Approximate Meat Weight: 870g

Photo by RJA Photography - Does not include Fruit or Bread or other accoutrements pictured, but they sure do taste nice together! 

Customer Reviews

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Divorce solicitors rub their hands together

Got this as a gift for a client.

He loves it. His family also love it.

Meats so delicious there's a battle royale to call dibs at dinner time and he has considered divorce just so he can keep the meat to himself!

(No families harmed. The meat is really that good)

Tasty, but expensive

I was glad for the opportunity to try so many different products, but I won’t order it again. The Devil’s Mortar, the one I was most curious about, is too spicy for me. The black pepper lardons release a peppery smoke when cooking. The ham (I only got one flavour, not sure it was a mistake) is extremely nice, but fairly expensive. I haven’t tried the snacky bites yet.

Jonathan Culverhouse
A Curate's egg--good in parts.

The Simple Larder box seemed a good way to try these exciting-sounding meats. The Lardons were good, as were the Oinks. Devil's Mortar was interesting but overspiced and overloaded with garlic. The ham was really disappointing; wet, reformed ham which did not have any taste at all, much less rum, treacle etc. With such good other lines, you really shouldn't carry such a poor product.

Hi Jonathan -

Thank you so much for taking the time to give us your feedback - although we're gutted to know that you didn't love everything in our larder box. Especially that you feel like some items weren't to the level of the others.

On the one hand, it's a relief to know you enjoyed the lardons (which are cuts from our Black Pepper Belly) as well as the oinks (which are cuts from Lincoln Imp, PigTails, Mother's Ruin as well as our other cured muscles) - because it means that you will probably really enjoy some of our OTHER recipes, which we do hope you will try.

On the other hand, the Devil's Mortar sounds like, just wasn't to your taste, which is a shame, but completely understandable. We have struggled in the past with finding the right level of spice - people used to complain it wasn't spicy enough! ‍♀️ But recently we've had the opposite comment. So we'll go and take a look at the recipe and perhaps make some tweaks.

The ham though, well, we're very sorry that you felt it had no flavour. It certainly isn't 'reformed ham', our Proper British Ham is made from the whole hind muscle cut, which is brined, roasted and then glazed. But to cut only a 200g piece, as you'd find in the larder box, obviously it can be harder to tell the original shape of the muscle. The glaze uses half a litre of rum with equal amounts fresh orange juice and treacle , which is then reduced by two-thirds, so it's actually VERY rich, but It's also possible that you received an interior cut, far away form the glaze, which would be why you didn't get the full hit of taste you should have. If that's the case, we can only apologise, and hope that you will give us the chance to make it up to you with our other recipes.

Mark Boulton
Oinky Doinky Doo, Yummy Scrummy Chew!

Piglet looked up forlornly for one last time at Pooh, and opined "I'm cured!"

Paul le Quéré
Paul le Quere order

I placed my order with yourselves for my son in law’s birthday he tells me he was very pleased with what he received.
Thank you
Paul le Quere