A Simple Sausage Selection; For When You Can't Choose...


One of each of our best individually-sized dry-cured sausages. It's the perfect Charcuterie Board in a box! 

1 x Lincoln Imp (85g)

A bit like Saucisson, this one is based on traditional Lincolnshire recipes! Lush with garlic, hints of dried fruit and a sprinkling of sage. Finished with some The Kernel Brewery's Export Stout, it's one dark delicious treat. 

1 x Mother's Ruin (135g)

An individually-sized version of our turn-of-the-century salami recipe. This one is bright and brassy with Juniper, Fennel Seed and Renegade Urban Winery 's chardonnay. The perfect counterpoint to savoury Lincoln Imp and spicy Devil's Mortar. 

1 x Devil's Mortar (180g)

Perfect for not having to share,  this narrow-version of our insanely popular squidgy, spicy spreadable Scottish Nduja recipe has been described as "the best thing to happen to toast... since sliced bread" (check out the reviews if you doubt!). Chockablocka with cayenne, dried tomato and anchovy oil - it's a fiery charmer. 

Approximate Meat Weight: 400g

Best before is 3 months sealed, but we recommend consumption within a week or two once you've removed the sausages from their packaging.

Recipes are subject to availability - wherever necessary, a comparable product will be substituted.

Please note, the Lincoln Imp contains Gluten, as the result of being made with locally brewed beer. Devil's Mortar contains Fish from the anchovy oil. Please let us know about any allergies or sensitivities. More specific nutritional info can be found on each individual product page - linked above. 

Photo by RJA Photography

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Olukayode S.
Thoroughly enjoyed!

Absolutely loved all three sausages, I was supposed to bring them a long to a picnic… but I ended up finishing them all myself. I don’t know if this will be to everyone’s liking, but nduja and peanut butter sandwiches are AMAZING!

Liam B

Had the three sausage selection and it’s impossible to say which was the best. They were all amazing in their own way and I can’t wait to get some more!

Andrew Hall

Beautifully packaged, and arrived safe and sound. A delicious treat for a birthday weekend, and enjoyed by everyone. Packed full of flavour, and a subtle but gorgeous punch of heat from the Devil's Mortar had everyone asking for more! Excellent food and excellent service.

Alistair McDowall
Not bad but not great

Title says it all really - there's nothing wrong with these they are perfectly OK and pleasant to eat, it's just they aren't cheap and to be honest I've had better.

Hi Alistair -

We're so sorry to hear that you didn't absolutely love our sausage selection! Even though we know it's impossible to be seen as excellent by everyone, it still cuts the heart to have that confirmed.

We really wish you'd enjoyed, especially, as yes, our meats can be dear. We hope people understand that this is not only (or not just) because of what *we* think is extraordinary quality, but also because of our commitment to paying farmers and staff fair London wages, along with the generally greater expense of higher-welfare, more sustainable animal husbandry and business practices. It's great to hear that you've had better though! - the world needs more ethical delectables - so we hope you will regularly find tasty things in your travels, even if that isn't us. ❤️

nichola leeth
Sausage selection

This was a birthday present , I was 100% delighted with this product as the purchaser , as was the gift recipient .There were distinct differences with each of the sausages and each family member had a preference . I will deffo be buying a selection of these at Xmas I noticed the 0.5kg selection which in our house will be popular for the 12 days of Xmas
I think Denise Vast has summarised the selection, additionally we also enjoyed the sage in the sausage