Devil's Mortar; Spicy, Spreadable, Stunning.


Our famous squidgy, spicy, spreadable sausage inspired by a Scottish recipe from the 1800s. 'Nduja and Sobrassada's British cousin!  

High welfare, heritage breed pork and pork fat, along with heaps of locally-smoked chillis, dried tomatoes and anchovy oil. Perfect for smearing on bread or snazzying up your spag bol.

Ideal for Pizza & Burger Toppings; Just look at it on the Tooley Street Burger from Honest Burgers' London Bridge branch. 

Both Half & Whole, unopened, have a best before of 3 months, but a use-by of 6 months. We recommend, once open, consumption within 4-6 weeks.

Photo by RJA Photography

Customer Reviews

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Delicious, and great customer service.

In its own right, Devil's Mortar is a lovely product and the customer service is second to none. I was a little disappointed that it - or, at least, the piece I was sent - was nowhere near as red as the site photo. It is also not a good replacement for Nduja in cooking as it doesn't melt much. I guess the fat content is rather lower than in Nduja, and the ingredients list is much more extensive, so calling it Nduja's 'cousin' is a bit misleading. I probably shan't buy this again, but I do like the company and shall undoubtedly try other products.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts Elyss - We're really glad you enjoyed, even if it wasn't the perfect experience we aim for!! I do hope you try some of our other items to see if you prefer them.

In terms of your critiques here, you're absolutely right! The Devil's Mortar can range from bright red like this photo to a more muted orange-blush and it is significantly leaner than 'nduja. The colour in DM comes from dried tomatoes, which vary in hue seasonally, and will never unfortunately mirror the brilliant red of Paprika (found in 'nduja). The change in lean:fat ratio means that you get more bite and more meat when you melt it, but it also unfortunately means it cannot be whipped or creamed or 100% melted like its Calabrian cousin.

We definitely aren't trying to be misleading by describing the two as related ('cousins'), so I do apologise on that score. They're definitely *not* the same - but in most cases, if you like 'Nduja and/or Sobrasada, you'll enjoy Devil's Mortar as well.

I'm sorry that it wasn't for you - but we're really grateful you gave it a try, and that you took the the time to feedback.❤️


Devils Mortar is just spectacular. So versatile and so tasty, I would recommend this in a heartbeat, give it a go if you haven't already!

The Tasty Mega Sausage

I ordered this for Christmas in advance and was given such good advice for storage! That aside, devils mortar is just delicious!

Great present and great customer service

Would heartily recommend!

Wow 🤩

Absolutely love this stuff! A little goes a long way and it’s particularly good gently fried with Brussels sprouts. Lovely savoury hit and then a kick from the chilli. Beautiful.