PROPER British Ham; No tagline needed!



Made in collaboration with Dingley Dell/Knight Farm, one of our favourite new ecologically-minded suppliers. We usually don't offer non-native breeds, but Knight Farm is taking such lovely strides in eco-management, we couldn't resist working with their beautiful Red Durocs.

Starting in an 18th century Wiltshire cure, while still on the farm, and then finished by us with an awe-inspiring Burnt Orange, Rum & Treacle glaze. This PROPER British Ham will put any commercially-made ham in its PROPER place (i.e the bin!). We dare you to call us wrong.

We use a variety of different rums depending on the season. "Old Salt Rum" sourced from the English Spirit Distillery, in Great Yeldham Hall, Essex,  "Demerara Rum" sourced from East London Liquor Co and “Toti Rum” made by the Sustainable Spirit Co, both in London.

We recommend the following if sitting down to the ham in one epic meal:

Three to Five People: Quarter Ham
Six to Eight People:Half Ham
Nine to Twelve People or more: Whole Ham


Hams come vacuum-packed with ice and wool, ready-to-eat and will generally last for about 2-3 weeks unopened in your fridge.  Once open, they’re best eaten within 7-10 days. See each individual ham label for a specific use-by date. 

Baguette not included, but if you fancy one, we recommend Little Bread Pedlar!

Ingredients: Pork Leg, Glaze (Orange Juice, Rum, Treacle, Oranges), Water, Salt, Curing Salt (Sodium Nitrate, Sodium Ascorbate). 

Photo by RJA Photography

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Joe lewelling

Best ham we've had. Well worth the money

Rhiannon Cory

Superb ham, easy to carve and gave us many meals. Will order again.

Quite simply the best ham I’ve ever had

We ordered a whole ham for Christmas. Three families together, I still thought it was probably overkill but hey the leftovers would last and we could make lots of different things with them. The ham was entirely devoured within 72hrs. When it was finished, children cried. I ordered additional normal, pedestrian ham from Waitrose. No one wanted it.

Julian Adams
Ok but not at that price

Unfortunately there was nothing outstanding about my ham. I spent £75 on half a ham thinking it would be much better than my own ham, unfortunately not.
So it wasn't a bad ham just not worth something like £26/kg! I started cutting across the grain and that was nasty, cutting with the grain and it was passable. I used the end for a ham, cheese and cauliflower soup which was nice. I had to tell all my guests what the glaze was as none of them got even a hint of burnt orange. Shame as the in house cured meats are amazing!

Helen Senior
Amazing ham & amazing service

I ordered this ham for my mother's 80th birthday party. Unfortunately there was some confusion regarding the delivery date. The owner went well & truly beyond what I could ever have imagined & we had ham! My brother is rather partial to ham & said it was the best that he has ever tasted, as did several others. Thank you again. Highly recommended.