Mother's Ruin; Bright, Brassy and Brilliant

Mother's Ruin; Bright, Brassy and Brilliant


Inspired by turn-of-the-century Gin Distillers and the London ladies that made them infamous.

This dry-cured sausage sings of Juniper, Fennel Seed and features healthy lashings of a London-made Chardonnay (currently from Renegade Urban Winery in Bethnal Green). It’s bright, fresh and perfect for remembering that everyone needs to let loose once in a while.

Available as a Half (200g), as pictured, or as a Whole sausage (400g). Although we may on occasion make this weight up with two individually sized pieces.  Both have a best before of 3 months, which can swell up to 6 months if left unopened in the fridge!

Customer Reviews

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Dangerously good

There’s good and bad in the world of cured meats and these are good. Too good. Ate the whole lot with 24 hours. I’m clearly going to have to limit myself. Once in the house.... 💥

Top product

The mother's ruin is delicious. It is different from the usual charcuterie found in the market, as the unique recipe truly shows the gin's key flavours.

Devil’s Mortar - the sausage my life was missing

Can’t praise it enough; delivery came quickly and had a wonderful personal-touch feel, the Devil’s Mortar lived up to its description and more; I ate it as-is with boiled eggs, cooked some up with some tomatoes and garlic, even tried it on sourdough crackers. Delicious flavour and a nice kick.

Utterly glorious

Stunning work, made with such care.

Super depth of flavour with fantastic meatines, a beautiful lingering taste of cool juniper and the almost medicinal quality of fennel.

Mothers ruin

Absolutely awesome flavours come through this dry cured sausage, just can’t get enough of it. This fantastic small company does everything right