Mother's Ruin; Bright, Brassy and Brilliant

Mother's Ruin; Bright, Brassy and Brilliant


Inspired by turn-of-the-century Gin Distillers and the London ladies that made them infamous.

This dry-cured sausage sings of Juniper, Fennel Seed and features healthy lashings of a London-made Chardonnay (currently from Renegade Urban Winery in Bethnal Green). It’s bright, fresh and perfect for remembering that everyone needs to let loose once in a while.

Available as a Half (200g), as pictured, or as a Whole sausage (400g). Although we may on occasion make this weight up with two individually sized pieces.  Both have a best before of 3 months, which can swell up to 6 months if left unopened in the fridge!

Customer Reviews

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Big flavour meats with small company personal service

Perfect cured meats, from a company that actually seems to gain great satisfaction from achieving greatness with their customers. You will not be disappointed..

Incredibly Awesome

I don't often write reviews but everything about these products and their skilful making screams that I should. I have tasted every product from the range other than the Scotch Eggs and Pasty's (the order WILL go in when they are available) and I simply cannot fault them. So tasty that I just keep going back for more. The personal service, the speed of delivery, and the packaged arrival are just about as good as it gets. Don't hesitate if you're thinking of trying. You will not be disappointed.

Everything is awesome

So I tried pretty much everything and really can’t fault any of Crown and Queue’s products. The Devil’s mortar has a devilish punch cold on toast as well as melted into a creamy pasta sauce, the speck’s black pepper coating will tingle your taste buds and send you for more...everything is seasoned and cured with great care, to perfection. Then there is the service - quick, beautifully wrapped and packaged deliveries. I am reaching for the 6 star button.

Mother’s Ruin

So delicious you won’t believe it is legal!

Dangerously good

There’s good and bad in the world of cured meats and these are good. Too good. Ate the whole lot with 24 hours. I’m clearly going to have to limit myself. Once in the house.... 💥