Mother's Ruin; Bright, Brassy and Brilliant

Mother's Ruin; Bright, Brassy and Brilliant


Inspired by turn-of-the-century Gin Distillers and the London ladies that made them infamous.

This dry-cured sausage sings of Juniper, Fennel Seed and features healthy lashings of a London-made Chardonnay (currently from Renegade Urban Winery in Bethnal Green). It’s bright, fresh and perfect for remembering that everyone needs to let loose once in a while.

Available as a Half (200g), as pictured, or as a Whole sausage (400g). Although we may on occasion make this weight up with two individually sized pieces.  Both have a best before of 3 months, which can swell up to 6 months if left unopened in the fridge!

Customer Reviews

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Lord E

As delicious as ever, with the demise of online ordering I’ll simply have to come and bother you in person 😉

John F
Tasty and unique

Mother's Ruin is a bit different to other salamis. It's got a distinctive flavour with low heat and it's slightly softer than most. I'll be buying it again. Give it a go.

Graeme Strutt
Even better than all these other reviews would have you believe


Scott Boden
Very well made salami. Consider the balance.

One of the best British salamis for basic "build" and also succulence.
For my taste, a little out of whack. I would dial down the pepper-led seasoning and give the juniper and attendant gin flavours a serious tweak. Go London Dry.
An enjoyable bit of charcuterie.

Thanks so much for letting us know your thoughts! We'll definitely consider tweaking the spice balance on our next batch. But glad you enjoyed on the whole!

David Pendergast
A tasty morsel

Spicy but not overly so, Mother's Ruin is an excellent addition to pizza, no matter whether it is a Margherita or a more complicated variety, and it is a worthy rival for various types of salame. Definitely a welcome addition to the larder.