A Triple Helping of Devil's Mortar; Spicy, Spreadable and Individually-Sized

A Triple Helping of Devil's Mortar; Spicy, Spreadable and Individually-Sized


One of our most popular recipes; and you get three in this box! All individually-sized as well, so perfect for either rationing the deliciousness, or distributing amongst your (ethically-minded) mates. 

Visit here to learn about the recipe (or to buy a bigger size). Suffices to say it's high welfare, heritage breed pork and pork fat, along with mounds of locally-smoked chillis, dried tomatoes and anchovy oil. 

The perfect spicy treat to keep in your larder or to gift into the hands of a Carnivore you love!

Unopened, these have a best before in the fridge of 3 months, and a use-by of 6 months. Once you crack one, best to finish it up within about 14 days.

 Photo by RJA Photography

Approximate Meat Weight: 3 x 180g (540g)

Customer Reviews

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Catherine K
Our favourite Christmas treat

I absolutely love this stuff. I order it every year for Christmas (and at other times if I can dream up an excuse). Love the texture and flavour - perks up cheese and crackers no end.

Helen Senior
Delicious & perfectly spiced

We served this at my mother's 80th birthday party. I was told that it is perfectly spiced (I am vegetarian). The teenagers at the party, who do not like spicy food, loved it. My older daughter was reluctant to try it at first but said it was very tasty. Must order some to try in a pasta sauce.

Harry Oulton
Devil’s mortar

Delicious. Either spread on toast, or dissolved in oil as the basis of a sauce, this is a tasty treat.

Lee Brady
So Moreish

I bought the pack of three. The first one went down way too fast, it was so moreish. I kept sneaking a wee bit from the fridge every time I went into the kitchen, I'd add a bit to everything I cooked or just spread it on crackers with some cheese. I'm now halfway through the second one and trying to practice some restraint, but I know it won't be long until it's done as well. A must have it you enjoy cured meats, salamis and a bit of spice. It's so versatile. I'll definitely buy it again.

John Dickinson

I failed to realise this is a spreadable type of meat. And three all the same !