Devil's Mortar; Spicy, Spreadable, Stunning.


Our famous squidgy, spicy, spreadable sausage inspired by a Scottish recipe from the 1800s. 'Nduja and Sobrassada's British cousin!  

High welfare, heritage breed pork and pork fat, along with heaps of locally-smoked chillis, dried tomatoes and anchovy oil. Perfect for smearing on bread or snazzying up your spag bol.

Ideal for Pizza & Burger Toppings; Just look at it on the Tooley Street Burger from Honest Burgers' London Bridge branch. 

Both Half & Whole, unopened, have a best before of 3 months, but a use-by of 6 months. We recommend, once open, consumption within 2-4 weeks. 

You can also choose to have us portion it for you, for an even more secure shelf life! £2 covers the extra packaging, but you then get to open only as much as you need at any given time. 

Photo by RJA Photography

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Gavin Carter-Evans
Unwelsh rarebit

Fantastic sausage. Won’t last 3 weeks, nevermind 3 months

Callum Smith
Devils Mortar

Excellent spread, my new replacement for bacon and cheese on my burger, will definitely be purchasing again.

Mr Reeves
The devils mortar

Devilishly tasty

Bob F.

The pitch of Devil's Mortar being akin to a happy union of Nduja and Sobrassada firmly got my attention. And it is an delightfully accurate pitch! Delicious spread on fresh baked bread or used in cooking (sauces, stews, ragouts...) To be honest, straight from the packet is pretty good too! And great customer service from Crown & Queue - they seem like a fabulous company.

James Adair
Devils Mortar

I don't really do hot or spicy food but this makes your teeth tingle & about as hot as I can manage but also a really nice change from time to time. Lovely on toast.