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British Cured Meats - Made in London

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We Don’t Make Your Usual Cured Meats

Using only lovingly-raised British Heritage pork and as many indigenous, locally-grown ingredients as we can, our dry-cured sausages are going to taste deliciously different from any you’ve ever had and yet... still a little familiar. 

Scrumptious British Recipes

We draw our recipes from actual historic recipes, ones that show off the exquisite flavours that are born and raised right here on the British Isles. We have amazing pigs, fantastic herbs, great beer and delicious wine – so why go elsewhere for ingredients or inspiration?

Ethically Made

We need to change the way that we eat meat - and Crown & Queue are partnering directly with ethically-focused farms to do just that. Bonus? High-welfare animals, raised sustainably and with love, taste extraordinary as well.

With Low-to-Zero Waste

Crown & Queue is more than just a name, it’s also our goal. From Head to Tail. A sure-fire way to be sustainable is to have reverence for everything that comes through your hands. So what very little we don’t turn into delectable nibbles, we send to a bio reclaimer to make renewable energy and fertiliser. 

Watch our Founder in Action!

Click here to learn more about Adrienne Eiser Treeby,  pork-whisperer-in-chief, and to watch the whole delicious Crown & Queue process, as featured in BAFTA-award-winning Gary Tarn’s documentary: Slow Time

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